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2016-10-02 00:00:51 by Mick

Least it was before I fucked everythaaaang up.

Oh Newgrounds.

2012-04-28 04:19:27 by Mick

I miss you.

Oh Newgrounds.

New account

2010-09-30 20:27:25 by Mick

hey newgrounds.
me and JELM aka dumassstudios might start doing animations and stuff again for newgrounds

but yeah this is just me saying i have a new account

i like cheese.

New account

hey yall.

2009-08-06 07:40:18 by Mick

hey just like to tell yall that me and dumassstudios are going to make another claymation and submit it sometime in the next month, so i would like to know what you would like more a pointless clay violence or another kill game ?

and also, whats up ?